Swci Delic is the artist formerly known as Swci Boscawen (born Mared Lenny).

During a three-year career as award-winning Welsh language singer Swci Boscawen, she released three singles and an album, toured New York, made two documentaries for S4C, and performed on stage with Rufus Wainwright in Cardiff during his world tour.

The music came to a sudden end in 2010 when she collapsed with a brain tumour at the age of 26. After intense cancer treatment and “being to hell and back” Swci developed an inexplicable urge to start – and never stop – painting.

The ‘accidental artist’ with no previous experience of art or any form of training now calls herself Swci Delic – a deliberate play on words which describes her psychedelic style of her painting. Bold, large and colour-clashing, these crazy canvases gives a vivid glimpse into the chaotic condition of a brain fighting cancer.

Her work doesn’t stop with canvases. She has designed record covers for musicians, painted a full size psychedelic ping pong table, produced limited edition Swci Delic footwear, painted the infamous “Cavavan”, created giant Pyramids sculptures, to name but a few commissions.

Through fighting cancer and throwing herself into the world of painting, Swci finds herself rather reluctantly and almost by accident back in the limelight. Her courage, energy and talent makes her a truly inspiring young artist.