Swci Delic Bio

Swci Delic is a Carmarthen born artist. At the age of 26 she retired from making music after being diagnosed with brain cancer. She awoke from a long operation and began to paint. She had no experience of art, or any form of training.

She says:

“As I was trying to find my way around this new way of life, the emptiness I felt without music was replaced by a huge, burning desire to paint. My brain wanted to create big bold patterns and use as much colour as possible. Something clicked in my mind and I became obsessed.

I dream about painting; I do art because it’s compulsory – I can’t control it.”

What emerged were big, bold, colour-clashing canvasses. Patterns of mouthwatering juicy, bubble gum pop art. The psychedelic colours gives a glimpse into the chaotic condition of a brain fighting cancer. Since her neurosurgery she believes that colour plays a far more important part, than we realise in our lives. Every colour inspires her. She likes larger-than-life art and doesn’t think there’s enough of it in the world.

She hopes that looking at her work takes your mind off life.


Swci Delic Bio photo